Upcoming Workouts

Welcome to Week 8!! Can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since we have all been together. I appreciate those of you who have been dedicated to keeping up with your workouts and logs. You are true champions. 

We will be meeting this Wednesday at 3:30 pm to discuss returning uniforms, awards, summer training and the fall season. 

The link is: 


‪+1 413-341-2981‬ PIN: ‪994 980 591‬#

We have now reached the point where we can rest our bodies and spirits starting on Sunday 5/10. We will have two weeks without any running or cross training. The third week we will start our Summer Training with active rest. We will start running 4-5 days a week starting the first week of June. This will give us a two week jump on where we were last season. 

I want you to feel fast this week. Less is more. No need to run a long run of anything over an hour. 

Monday: 5/4: 5 miles steady. Core X x 2 sets

Tuesday: 5/5: 10 minutes relaxed, 2 x 90 seconds at 1600 race pace. 2 min walk/jog rest, 1 x 2:00 at 1600 race pace, 3 min walk/jog rest, 1 x 4:00 at 1600 race pace, 2 x 30 seconds fast, 10 min relaxed. GS 2 x 1 set. 15/15. 

Wednesday 5/6: 5 miles relaxed, 4 x 100 strides. Core X x 2 sets

Thursday 5/7:  5 miles relaxed, GS 3 x 2 sets, 15/15. 

Friday 5/8: 5 miles relaxed, 

Saturday 5/9:   10 min relaxed,  10 x 45 seconds at 1600 race pace, 1 min walk rest in between. 20 min relaxed. Take it all in, reflect on where you are, realize that you are safe, healthy, frustrated, disappointed. Accept it all. Be angry if you have to. For 10 minutes. let it out. Cry if you have to. I have many times during the last 8 weeks. Scream if you have to. Now stretch, relax and beathe deep. You are a champion. You have made it through this season. You have missed competition, you have missed your friends. It all will be fine. You will compete again. Be proud of yourself for the little things you have done the last 8 weeks. You are a champion. You are a champion. Now go home, take those shoes off and don’t run again for the next two weeks! Trust the system. Honor the system. 

Sunday: Smile, smile, smile, smile. Be a Champion. 

MaŠ LCCHS 2012