Upcoming Workouts

Week #6!!!  Join our new Instagram account: mavs_xc_distance. if you haven't yet!

Two more weeks before rest period!!

Thanks to those of you who have been very dedicated during this time period. You are going to be the Champions of the fall!

You'll notice a little bit of a taper since that would have been natural for this time period. 

Remember Champions are made when no one is watching!

Start each workout with a two lap or equivelent jog and then 10 minutes of drills if you are on your own. (OYO). If you skip the drills you are risking injury. 

Monday: 4/20: 5 miles relaxed. Core X x 2 sets. 2 x 100, 3 x 20/60/20

Tuesday: 4/14: 10 min relaxed,  2 x 80-90,  2x 3 min, with equal rest, 1 x 4:30, jog 3 min rest, 2 x 90 secs,  10 min relaxed. GS 1 x 2 sets 45/15.

Wednesday: 4/15: 35-45 min relaxed. Core X x 2 sets. HITS, 15/15 for 2:00. 

Thursday:4/16: 10 min relaxed, 10 min steady, 10 min relaxed, GS 2 x 2 sets, 35/25

Friday: 4/17: 35-40 minutes relaxed. Core X x 2 sets

Saturday: 4/18: 65-70  min long. 

Sunday: OFF. 

MaŠ LCCHS 2012