Upcoming Workouts


Start each workout with a two lap or equivelent jog and then 10 minutes of drills if you are on your own. (OYO). If you skip the drills you are risking injury. 

Week #3!!!  Join our new Instagram account: mavs_xc_distance. if you haven't yet!

Here we go Champions. Don't settle or give up! Continue to workout for your body, mind and soul. It would be so easy to stop right now. Don't be Forest Gump! You will compete again at some point. Do you want others to pass you? 

This time period will show your determination and guts. It's never, ever ease. Don't quit. I'm proud of you!

Monday: 6 miles steady. Core X x 2 sets. 

Tuesday: 10 min relaxed, 11 x 1 min up (tempo pace), 1 min down (relaxed), 10 min relaxed. Hits 15/15 1:30, GS 5 x 2 40/20

Wednesday: 30-40 min relaxed. Core X x 2 sets. 

Thursday: 3 miles steady. 4 x 300 hills. simulate a Colorado if you can or 1 mile relaxed. GS 1 x 2 sets 40/20

Friday: 30-40 minutes relaxed. Core X x 2 sets

Saturday: 65-70 min long. 

Sunday: OFF. 

MaŠ LCCHS 2012