Track Distance Workouts

Please log each day, protein during stretching, core. 

Always do warm-up drills before any workout

League Entries: Each school has 4 automatic berths in each race. Everyone beyond that is an alternate. The 1600 and 3200 races will have 28 runners. There are 20 possible automatics if each school uses their four spots. We usually get 5 and sometimes 6 runners in a race if that person's time is in the top 28 in the league. There is no guarantee if you are an alternate that you will get in but you need to come to practice each day. You may find out minutes before a race if you get scratched in so you have to be race ready. I will enter people in multiple events. This doesn't mean you will run all of those it's just a way to try and get runners in the meet. 

Boys 1600: Autos: Caleb, Garrett, Jacob, Jackson

Alternates: Joey

Boys 800 Autos: Nick, Jackson, Colby, Joey

Alternates: None

Boys 3200 Autos: Caleb, Andy, James, Alex

Alternates: None

Girls 1600: Autos: Jessica R., Sydney, Rebekah, Natalie

Alternates: Georgia, Jessica O. 

Girls 800: Autos: Jessica R., Sydney, Rebekah, Veronica

Alternates: Jessica O, Staci

Girls 3200: Kristin, Kyra, Natalie, Georgia

Alternate: Jessica O.

Monday 4/29: Steady 45-50 min, Core X. 

Tuesday 4/30: Interval Day, GS

Wednesday 5/1: 5:55 am practice, relaxed 40 min

Thursday 5/2: Modified pace work

Friday 5/3: Premeet, 5,4,3,2,1

Saturday 5/4: League

Sunday 5/5: Off

Monday 5/6: Relaxed 50-55

Tuesday 5/7: Interval

Wednesday 5/8: Relaxed

Thursday 5/9:  Pace work

Friday 5/10: Premeet, 5,4,3,2,1

Saturday 5/11: CIF Prelims

MANDATORY XCSTATS registration info:

Please register as a team member. It's free! Go to and make an account. 

Steps to register:

1. go to

2. click on subscribing schools on top

3. find la costa canyon, click on la costa canyon (teams are listed alphabetically)

4. on the top right click create an account

5. enter the registration code: lccxc!

6. complete the registration (you must have your email address as well as your parents, you can not skip this step. 

7. you will receive an email from xcstats and you must reply in 24 hours to activate your account. 

MaŠ LCCHS 2012