Mt. Carmel Invite, Saturday September 15. 

Arrival and Race times. For directions go to Schedule and click on Morely Field. We set up our tent directly in front of the parking lot closest to the public swimming pool. 

D-1 Invite/Senior Girls Arrive: 7:05, Race: 8:30

Kristin Fahy,Staci Perry,Jessica Riedman,Natalie Schroeder

D-1 Invite/Senior Boys, Arrive: 7:30, Race: 8:55

Diego Aguilar,Blane Fisher,Caleb Niednagel,Andy Pueschel,Owen Sleigh,Garrett Stanford,Jacob Stanford,James Miramontes, Asher Savage

D-1 Junior Girls, Arrive: 7:55, Race: 9:20

Veronica Patyna,Lauren White

D-1 Junior Boys Arrive: 8:20, Race: 9:45

Aidan Courage
Drew Fishbough,James Gurr,Alex Motawi,Nick Oden,Bryce Wolff,Colby Zeljak

D-1 Soph Girls, Arrive 8:45, Race: 10:10

Claire Conner,Lauren Gray,Sarah Kirk,Talia Luna,Sydney Weaber,Emma Welch,Katerina Van Glabbeek

D-1 Soph Boys, Arrive 9:10, Race 10:35

Joey Balardeta,Josh Epperson,Tyler Holl,Jimbo Johnson,Michael Keating,Aidan Millsap,Jackson Schalow

D-1 Frosh Girls, Arrive 9:35, Race 11:00

Kyra Compton,Katherine Kilby,Ella Ladd,Macy Loesch,Rebekah Niednagel,Jessica Oden,Georgia Patyna,Emma Stanford,Bailey Lapidow(?)

D-1 Frosh Boys, Arrive 10:00, Race 11:25

Jonas Graham, Jedediah Queen,Roland Senger,Isaac Warren


Coach Vice

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IMG 1913

IMG 1700

DSC 0259-1

DSC 0167

                    Old Reliable.....Rebekah Bosler

                              2nd Team All-CIF

             The New Kid in Town....Sarah Abrahamson

                              1st Team All-CIF

DSC 0163

               Here comes Alex.....2nd Team All-CIF !!

DSC 0171

All athletes will be required to register at This is free. Our team code is: lccxc!

       2012 Beach Time Trial Boys Champ: Steven Fahy

IMG 2427

     It's a tie!!! Emma, Kelly and Alex cross the line to win.

IMG 2431

                                   2012 Seniors

IMG 2440

IMG 2435
MaŠ LCCHS 2012