2020 Track Expectations

1. Read the team expectations follow the link and acknowledge that you've read and understand them. Use separate link for parent and athlete. Athletes must complete the XCSTATS attendance registration first before signing the expectations. See below for information. If you previously registered for xcstats or were on the team last year you should be registered. 

Team Expectations

Parent Signature Link

Athlete Signature Link

2. If you haven't previously registered for our attendance program follow the link to xcstats and register for our team. This must be done by 2/18/19. If you are not cleared by this day you will not be able to practice until you have registered. 


Instructions for registering for attendance: 

MANDATORY XCSTATS registration info:

Please register as a team member. It's free! Go to xcstats.com and make an account. 

Steps to register:

1. go to xcstats.com registration. Click above link. 

2. enter the registration code: lccxc!, (Don't forget the !)

3. complete the registration (you must have your email address as well as your parents, you can not skip this step. 

4. you will receive an email from xcstats and you must reply in 24 hours to activate your account. If you don't activate your account within 24 hours you will need to do this step again but you'll need to use a different email. 

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